Hypoxia 2019 Program

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

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Morning I
High Altitude Genetics
Genes and high-altitude tolerance—Tatum Simonson
Genetics of pulmonary hypertension and HAPE—Christina Eichstaedt
Genetics of chronic mountain sickness—Joe Prchal
Morning II
Ethnicity, age and sex impacting normal hemoglobin values—Heimo Mairbäurl
The impact of iron on hemoglobin values and anemia—Martina Muckenthaler
Increase in total hemoglobin by altitude training—Walter Schmidt
Poster Session I
Ascending Afghanistan—Danika Gilbert

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Morning I
Hypoxia: Consequences in Intensive Care Medicine
Relevance of hypoxia in the ICU—Helen McKenna
The right heart, pulmonary circulation and critical illness—Robert Naeije
Ventilation strategies in hypoxemic respiratory failure—Colin Grissom
Morning II
New Lessons from Hypoxic Mammals
Llamas: Not just another high altitude native!—Victor Reyes
Hypoxia and the naked mole rat—Gary Lewin
Champions of breath hold diving: Antarctic Weddell Seal—Allyson Hindle
Hot Topics in Hypoxia I—Free Communications
A Stranger in Strange Lands—Jodi Cobb

Friday, 22 February 2019

Morning I
Pathophysiology of High Altitude Diseases
The early hours in the pathophysiology of HAPE—Erik R. Swenson
The early hours in the pathophysiology of AMS—Marc M Berger
HACE–its own entity or end-stage AMS?—Justin Lawley
Morning II
Hot Topics in Hypoxia II—Free Communications
Poster Session II
The Shining Mountains and the Emerald Lake—Zac Robinson

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Morning I
Hypoxia and the Brain
The glymphatic system and its role in cerebral homeostasis—Helene Benveniste
The blood brain barrier and hypoxia—Jeff Dunn
The pathophysiology of headache—Andrew Charles
Morning II
Latest Developments in Hypoxia
The role of the hypoxic microenvironment in cancer and immunity—Gregg Semenza
Science Advancing Mountain Medicine—Free Communications
Awards, Banquet and Dance at Brewster Barn