Register First: You must first register for the meeting before you may submit an abstract. Once you are registered you may submit multiple abstracts. Click here to begin the abstract submission process. 

Registered Delegate and Presenting Author: The presenting author must be the first author of the abstract, and must be registered as a delegate for the meeting.

Abstract Content: Each abstract should contain the following elements:

  • a sentence stating the study objective (unless given in the title)
  • a brief statement of methods
  • a summary of the results obtained
  • a statement of the conclusions
  • acknowledgements of funding source(s)
  • it is not satisfactory to say "the results will be discussed.
  • limit your abstract body to 300 words.

Fonts and Symbols: Use the Times New Roman font for the entire abstract. If you need special symbols, use either the Times New Roman or Symbol fonts (special fonts like WP Extended Greek will not work). Be very careful to proofread your abstract for alterations in the symbols.

Title: Use a short, specific and declarative title. The abstract title should be prepared in UPPERCASE.

Tables and Figures: No tables or figures are allowed.

Abbreviations: Use standard abbreviations for units of measure. Other abbreviations should be spelled out in full at first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. Exceptions: DNA, RNA, etc.

Length: The abstract title and abstract body combined should not exceed 300 words. Most word processing programs have built-in word count utilities—use them!

Word Processor: Prepare your abstract in any word processor format--you will be cutting and pasting into the abstract submission form. Margin settings and font size do not matter.

Note: The majority of presentations will be in poster sessions.

Notification of Programming: The presenting author will be notified by email by late-January concerning the title, date and time of the session for which their abstract is scheduled, the format of presentation (oral, poster or both), and the specific presentation time. It is up to the presenting author to advise coauthors of the time of the presentation.

References: If you choose to include references, please use Journal of Applied Physiology reference style.

Click here to begin the abstract submission process.